your monkey called: Less Common HTTP/1.1 Status Codes

  • HTTP 201: Extra successful!
  • HTTP 220 (The Clooney): Same as 200 with a little something in there for your trouble.
  • HTTP 235: Successful, but user is probably a lesbian.
  • HTTP 309: This ain’t your kind of website, bro. Try the blog around the corner, or bring a pretty lady next time.
  • HTTP…


Your Dreams my nightmares Episode 002. An interview with Josh Cochran. Josh thinks Art Center is the best art school in the world. Not looking at the internet. How caring what other people think ruins everything. Music by Kraus and Dragging an Ox Through Water, via freemusicarchive.org

You can download the episode here.


I Could Destroy You with a Single Thought (Kraus) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Dragging an Ox Through Water - S/T3INCH (Dragging an Ox Through Water) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

YallFest: Lineup Announcement: Kami and Margaret


Obviously the first two authors that will be at Yall Fest will be the festival coordinators Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, authors of The Beautiful Creatures Novels. (Margie is also author of the new series Icons coming out 2013)



I grew up outside of Washington DC, but it…

You Say Responsive, I Say Adaptive


Ben Callahan:

I’ll wrap it up by saying this: if you want to build a responsive site, make sure you build it responsibly. If I am viewing your site from my iPhone, I don’t want to download whatever big images you have in your CSS for a 1000 pixel width browser and the smaller image you have in your CSS for a less-than 600 pixel width browser. Don’t serve me both of them, only serve me the right one.

(via Grigs)

Groupon is a disaster… It’s a shill that’s going to be exposed pretty soon.

—Sucharita Mulpuru, a Forrester Research analyst, doesn’t hold back with an opinion of the former coupon darling (and one-time Google target), quoted in the devastating AP piece, Groupon’s Fall to Earth Swifter Than Its Fast Rise. Groupon’s in a quiet period at the moment, expected to file for IPO in the first week of November. The complaints charted in this piece are not new; they are persistent and seemingly valid (see also this less than complimentary piece from last June, The Checkered Past of Groupon’s Chairman). So my question: who on earth is going to buy this stock?? (via thoughtyoushouldseethis)

A Lack of Leadership


By Timothy Stanley.

“Most voters are conservative in that they want peace in the streets yet liberal in that they don’t want to use water cannons to get it.”

What Britain can learn from America’s reaction to the riots of the 1960s.

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